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Whatever care you need, wherever you are, Mediserve is there for you with Contact Care

Contact Care is provided by Mediserve’s Homecare division which provides services to old and young alike. Our company has grown because we have an excellent reputation reputation among HSE professionals and voluntary organisations. We are known for the high quality personal services we provide to clients with high-dependency care needs.





  • Flexible approach to therapy programmes for those with chronic conditions
  • Uses electronic monitoring sensors and equipment to monitor vital health signs in your own home or on the move
  • Readings are automatically transmitted to our experts
  • Vital health signs are monitored 24/7
  • If you need help, we can tell, immediately, without you needing to attend a clinic



  • Automatic and continuous 24/7 monitoring in your home
  • Personal and environmental sensors keep you safe and independent for longer
  • In the even of a fall, for example, our monitoring centre will know and can act immediately
  • The most appropriate action plan is triggered


Care Call

  • A comprehensive, integrated and multidisciplinary approach to your care
  • Our agents call you in your home or on your mobile at set, regular, intervals
  • Our staff are trained to communicate effectively with patients, professional carers and family members
  • We can remind you to take medication, check on your well-being and arrange appointments for you
  • We collaborate with world-class technology partners and Centres of Health Learning including U.C.D, NUI Galway, IBM, Philips and Tunstall/Emergency response




Cost Calculator

Calculate the net cost of your private homecare for you or your loved one.

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Partners and Associates

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