Your Loved one wants to live independently. Now they can – with LOLA



 The benefits of independent living

As people get older or have to come to terms with progressive diseases like Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis, their freedom and independence can be tested as their reliance on the help of others grows.

Often, loved ones want to continue living at home for as long as possible where they are in familiar surroundings, they are happy and feel most secure. It’s natural to wish to facilitate this and in the process avoid emotional upheaval, disruption and the very high care costs associated with nursing home options.lola-father-son-450

LOLA is a compact, wearable device that can make independent living possible for longer.


LOLA achieves this by providing Smart Monitoring and Automatic Instant Emergency Medical Response tailored to an individual’s needs.  Providing much needed reassurance for both the wearer and their family.

LOLA is so much more than an SOS button.


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Who is LOLA for?

LOLA is the perfect solution to enhance quality of life and extend the home lives for people who wish to continue living independently. It is especially suitable for the following:




Here’s where LOLA can help


Smart fall detector

LOLA detects if the wearer has a fall and immediately alerts our Emergency Medical Response Centre who use LOLA’s 2-way communication system to determine what kind of assistance is needed at any time of the day or night.





Smart GPS locator

LOLA’s GPS locator tells our Emergency Medical Response Centre exactly where it is should dispatch a doctor, paramedic or ambulance to the scene. Unlike most other emergency devices, LOLA has no base station, so it can go wherever the wearer goes with no range limit.


Smart alerts

Text and email alerts can be instantly sent to family members or neighbours when the device has been triggered so they will always know if something has happened and can call for reassurance.




One-touch SOS

LOLA is so much more than an SOS button, but it does feature a one-touch SOS or panic button that instantly connects to our Emergency Medical Response Centre.





Smart ‘Safe Zone’

LOLA’s GeoFencing feature allows you to set up a ‘Safe Zone’ inside which the wearer is generally expected to
be. This might be their home or the area in which they live. Once the LOLA is detected outside the ‘Safe Zone’ our monitoring centre is immediately alerted. Combined with the GPS Locator LOLA allows for rapid response for people who are at risk of getting confused or lost (e.g. Alzheimer’s or Dementia sufferers).



Location Now

The Location Now software suite and app allows you to set up email and text alert lists, GeoFencing areas and adjust the G-force levels for fall alerts. It also allows you to instantly see where LOLA is at any time and view the alert history.



Discover how LOLA gives you more independence

Whether you are based at home or mobile LOLA can give you greater independence and peace of mind.

Safeguarding: Elderly & Disabled – Alzheimer’s Disease – Dementia – Parkinson’s Disease – MS – Epilepsy

Quick, one-button emergency alerts and calls your personal responder. Responders can even get automatic alerts upon a fall or other events and the device and online technologies enable responder to pinpoint the lost person, communicate and bring help immediately.

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