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Your very own personal 911 emergency system in one small mobile device.

Quick, one-button emergency alerts and calls your personal responder. Responders can even get automatic alerts upon a fall or other events and the device and online technologies enable responder to pinpoint the lost person, communicate and bring help immediately.

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Our Telehealthcare product range and services are divided into three categories:

Tele Med

TeleMed products are mobile telemedicine exam stations that provide comprehensive medical assessments in locations such as private homes, offices, factories, sports arenas and prisons. Health data is transferred directly and securely to a central monitoring centre where it is immediately assessed by a Mediserve GP.

Tele Health

Tele Health products provide ongoing, remote monitoring of many health indicators, including those associated with congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive lung disease and diabetes. A person will either be monitored 24/7/365 by continuous ECG technology, or they will regularly measure their own health using a variety of easy-to-use devices. Again, TeleHealth data is transferred directly and securely to a central monitoring centre where it is immediately assessed by a Mediserve GP or trained healthcare professional.  

Tele Care

TeleCare products offer peace of mind and help people to live independently for longer. We have devices such as fall detection sensors, panic alarms and smoke detectors as well as GPS-enabled sensors that detect when a vulnerable person moves outside of a pre-defined perimeter. Every event is monitored in real-time by our team at the Mediserve monitoring centre.

You can enquire about any of our Telehealthcare services and products by emailing info@mediserve.ie.

Mediserve’s Telehealthcare division provides healthcare professionals with the technology to remotely monitor and assess a person’s vital statistics, health indicators and environmental conditions without being physically in the same location. These sophisticated devices – many of which a person can operate themselves from home – automatically transmit precise health readings to our central Mediserve call centre. Our medical team can then immediately assess the status of indicators such as blood pressure and take the appropriate action.

Our Telehealthcare services:

  • Offer regular, non-intrusive, efficient and cost-effective ways to assess and monitor patients
  • Include panic alarms and pendants which are hard at work in more than 6,000 homes in the greater Dublin area
  • Feature technology that has been proven in the United States, the UK and other countries for over a decade
  • Are becoming the choice for the best-possible home care
  • Provide efficiencies that can result in a 15% reduction in hospital A&E visits, a 20% reduction in emergency admissions, a 14% reduction in elective hospital admissions and a 14% reduction in hospital bed days.

Contact Care

contact c

Contact Care is Irelands integrated home support company. Our services include Home Care, Telecare, Telehealth & Care Call. We are one company providing one solution to your home care needs.

Doctor on Duty

doctor on d

Doctor On Duty is a 24-hour, 365 day medical deputising and locum service. We specialise in providing an out-of-hours and home visiting service for GPs.



tele h

Mediserve Telehealthcare – our range of state-of-the-art technologies that monitor and help manage health conditions from remote locations or the comfort of your own home.








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