How Do I Pay?

Payment Methods

Inhome Care provides a number of methods of payment or funding for your service for you convenience to make the process as simple as possible.

If a service is to be paid personally by the client or their family members then we offer a number of different payment options. Our care packages are charged monthly and you can choose to pay by cheque, direct-debit or online.

If the service is paid for directly or by a family member then you are able to claim a percentage of tax relief on these payments depending on your usual tax bracket.

Tax Relief

Tax relief is available to our clients or their relatives at their top rate of tax, subject to conditions. This means that you could receive tax relief of up to 41% of the cost of Inhome Care’s services which is a great help to many clients as it helps to ease the financial burden. It is also possible to claim this relief as part of your tax credits so you receive the benefit as part of your weekly or monthly wages and therefore receive the benefit immediately. For more information, please see Citizens Information

Use the calculator in the footer of this page to work out what your net cost will be for a service once you have claimed your tax relief.

HSE Funding

Another option available to any prospective client is to apply for HSE Funding

A Home Care Package is a funded service that allows an older person to have their care provided for them at home. This package would involve all of the relevant Health Care Professionals that would be required for each individual client.

Some clients will require a greater level of medical care to remain at home while others will receive more input from Home Care Assistants, it very much depends on the individual needs of each client. Professionals involved in Home Care Packages include Public Health Nurses, Home Care Attendants, Home Helps and also Community Occupational Therapists & Physio Therapists.

Inhome Care works with the HSE Care Co-ordinators in the delivery of care packages and can guide you on how best to apply for one.

Home Care Grant

The Home Care Grant is intended to assist you if …

  • you are 65 years of age or over and
  • are currently in receipt of HSE Community Support Services and
  • wish to remain living at home but cannot do so without financial assistance to pay for additional community supports and/or services.

Your home care grant can be used to fund Home Care services and we can let you know how to apply for one.


Contact Care

contact c

Contact Care is Irelands integrated home support company. Our services include Home Care, Telecare, Telehealth & Care Call. We are one company providing one solution to your home care needs.

Doctor on Duty

doctor on d

Doctor On Duty is a 24-hour, 365 day medical deputising and locum service. We specialise in providing an out-of-hours and home visiting service for GPs.



tele h

Mediserve Telehealthcare – our range of state-of-the-art technologies that monitor and help manage health conditions from remote locations or the comfort of your own home.







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